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Pietro Librizzi
La Guerra della Sfoglio, 2020
Offset print on 300g glossy coated paper
72x60cm (unframed)

Open Edition



This poster reproduces a painting illustrating the allegorical war of the “sfoglio” between Polizzi Generosa and Petralia Soprana, two villages in the High Madonie mountains in the province of Palermo, Sicily. The war stems from a Denomination of Origin for the sfoglio of Petralia Soprana, daringly called ‘sfoglio delle madonie’. The sfoglio is a cake that originated in the XVII century, invented by the Benedictine nuns of the convent of Santa Margherita in Polizzi Generosa which over the years spread to neighbouring towns, where people used to make it at home. However, the consortium for the protection of Sfoglio Polizzano enshrines the undisputed owner of its genesis.

In the painting, the Polizzani have built trenches and an assembly line to attack Bar Aspromonte in Petralia Soprana with medieval offensives. The whole original recipe is also illustrated: from left to right we have the tuma graters, then the tables for kneading, cutting and shaping the puff pastry in the trays; in the centre the double kneader, for the filling and the pastry. Scattered in the preparatory area we find the FARINA (flour), the ZUCCARO (sugar), the CUCUZZA DUCI (sweet pumpkin), the OVA (eggs) and the SUGNA (lard), as well as the already mentioned TUMA (sheep cheese). Looking out from the bell tower, the client holds the missing ingredients: CINNAMOMO (cinnamon) and chocolate.

The sfoglio war is one of the many battles that Polizzi fights to defend this primogeniture, perhaps unaware accomplice in perpetuating the game of tradition, benefiting its renewal and permanence in our collective memory. To watch a report on the Sfoglio war click here.


Pietro Librizzi (born 1993, Palermo) graduated from Goldsmiths’ College in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art, works in painting, cinema and music and lives in Petralia Soprana (Palermo) where he runs a project space called "casapiena microcentro". Recent exhibitions include CLAMOR at Sala Santa Rita, Rome, VIVAVUCI at viaraffineria, Catania, Life Cycles at Light Eye Mind London, All In Green Went My Love Riding at Giardino dello Zuccaro Venice and "dust sheet embroidered snow"; at Project Gallery, Arundel (UK). The film Softman (2016) featured at 54ma Mostra del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro, Manifesta 12 Palermo under 5x5x5 project Rover and Weekend of the Dead by Circuito Nomadica, Bologna.

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