The idea of ROARK came about in the midst of the first Italian lockdown, when seeing exhibitions, meeting artists, and visiting their studios was impossible. It seemed that – more and more – a distance was being created between those of us who ‘look at’ work, and those special people who created it. 

Inspired by numerous spaces and nonprofit institutions around the world that continue to keep the interests and ideas of artists at the center of their mission, we decided to build a space where we could work closely with young artists, and help them produce works with the support and knowledge of numerous artisans and workshops historically present throughout Rome and Italy. 

One thing must be made clear: ROARK is not a gallery. The aim is not to showcase and distribute artworks along traditional market channels, but rather find a way to bring artists and their works closer to a growing number of people who love art and would like to fill their homes with such valued pieces. Value, here, lies in the time, care, and thought given to the piece rather than its monetary value. 

The works will be prevalently serialized, in the form of editioned prints, homeware, pieces of design, and more. We hope that this will give artists the space to extend their curiosity to less familiar modes of production, and give nascent collectors the opportunity to have these works as part of their collections. 

In order to truly support the fantastic artists we will be working with, ROARK will provide each contributor with a significant percentage of the sales. The main focus of ROARK is to support young artists and cultivate a generous and sustainable space for the exchange of ideas, creative skills, and inventive works of art and design.  


ROARK commissions and sells limited editions prints and especially–commissioned homeware objects, clothing and accessories by contemporary artists and designers.

ROARK’s core aim is to support young artists funding not only the production but also the research and design process all the while making art a meaningful part of people’s everyday lives.

Everything on sale is exclusive to ROARK. ROARK sells all year-round online.

Part of the ‘CASTRO Line’ proceeds will be donated to CASTRO (Contemporary Art Studios Rome), an experimental learning program based in Rome. CASTRO provides opportunities and workspaces to emergent artists and researchers. It also runs learning activities and hosts a range of cultural events for a broad public.

ROARK is looking for new opportunities to participate with other profit and nonprofit organizations involved in supporting the Arts.

For further enquiries please contact us:

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